I know so many people will be thinking that the N500 was a typo, but sorry to burst your bubble, it’s actually not a mistake. You can start your own laundry without owning a single machine or even having a shop. It’s not the level of laundry man that does the whole job manually in his room, I mean a professional laundry and dry cleaning service that is similar to the one offered by the biggest dry cleaning outfits. Enough of the playing around, lets go straight to business. So many big laundry outfits are looking for more customers and some even go the extra mile of rewarding you for introducing one. So this is where the opportunity comes in for you.

1. Meet with professional dry cleaning outfits that you can trust their services and reach an agreement and special price with them. They will be very happy to have you bring garments to clean especially when they know it’s going to be steady. Put the price,quality and turn around time first as it’s the best bet for keeping your customers coming back every time. This where you will also decide the type of package you want for your customers, it must not carry the logo or company name of the dry cleaning company. This will also help when you are bargaining the price as you might not be needing all their packages which would have cost the company more.

2. Tell everyone around you that you offer professional dry cleaning services. This is where the major work is, most people will always be skeptical about giving out their cloths for fear of not being damaged and besides some of them might already have some local laundry man at home. So you really need to choose the right words to convince your customers that you know what you are doing. Learn about different type of marketing tips for dry cleaners.

3. Note, you don’t have a shop or office so you must offer your customers free pick up and delivery. Keeping to your delivery promise is very important as it will bring the needed trust. If you can consistently deliver good quality at stipulated time, I bet you more customers will join as testimonies of your services spread around. 4. Congratulations! You are now in business but remember nothing good comes easy so you have to really work hard and you also need to constantly improve. It’s important not to remain stagnant. ◦

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