Start a Laundry and Dry Cleaning Business in Nigeria   – You will agree with me that in our busy schedules, the task of washing, rinsing, starching and ironing our clothes has become quiet tedious and time consuming. For that reason alone, the laundry business has become another lucrative venture in Nigeria. So are you thinking of investing your money in the laundry and dry cleaning business in Nigeria?  You just made a wise choice! And guess what? To start the business is not as capital challenging as we all think it is. To start with 50k or less please get in touch with me. Do  You know that you can actually start the business from the comfort of your home with just the basic needed equipment and materials. But just before you run off to startup your own dry cleaning business, here are a few factors you might just want to put into consideration.

Training: Have you noticed there is always a difference with the way we do our laundry to the professional touch somebody who offers laundry services does? So I advise you go and learn from an already existing laundry business. Learn the following:

  • How to wash different fabrics
  • How to dry clean different fabrics
  • How to iron and what heat temperature works for different fabrics
  • Folding and Packaging
  • Time management
  • Business management
  • That extra smooth touch

The success of your laundry and dry cleaning business in Nigeria partly depends on how well you can  take care of peoples garment.  You can enroll in one of our online intensive training or contact us.

Note – There is a difference between laundry and dry cleaning. Laundry involves washing clothes using water and detergent while dry cleaning is cleaning clothes using chemicals (perchloroethylene). 

Register Your Business: Depending  on the scale of you r business, it is  always advisable to register   with the Corporate Affairs Commission Nigeria:  Before you render any laundry or dry cleaning services to the public make sure you register your business. It does not matter that you are still operating from your home and probably doing only house to house services. Get registered!

Business Location:   Your first location of shop or outlet will decide how successful your chain laundry and dry cleaning business will be.Make no mistake or be in a hurry in finding your location as it matters so much. Look for metropolitan area, where people mostly move about. Make sure your location is faced to a road and not street. Choose a location that is easily accessible by people with public transport or private vehicles. Let it be very visible to people and easy to locate when directed. When you find this place, rent the outlet and hopefully let it be spacious enough to accommodate your equipment with enough space for people to pass  by.

Buy or Lease Equipment:  Get all the necessary equipment you need and put it in place at your outlet. Such equipment as:

1. 2 Industry steam Iron
2. 1 Storage water tanks or other better source of water
3. 4 16KG Industrial washing machine
4. 2 Industrial machine dryers
5. 9.5kva Power generator
6. 2 25­litre industrial detergent/soap
7. 2 25­litre industrial starch
8. Nylon for packaging
9. Laundry carts
Other things you may need are
Get  a Laptop  and a cheap  laundry  Software ( for booking and  tracking of customer’s cloths)                                                Wood Shelves
            Repaint  the shop to match your brand color
            Install White Fluorescent lights
           1.5 hp Air-Condition (if possible)
            Pave the floor with Ceramic tiles


Write a business plan
Draw a business plan on how your business will structure which will cover your mission and vision in business. ­Why you are business and how you want your business to be in few years to come. How well you check the market and your marketing mix. State how you intend to market your business and use means of local ways to advertise your business and brand. Figure out how to raise finance in the future or in current and most importantly how many staffs each of your outlets will have. Put down how many outlets you will possibly put in place in a city in less than a year. Let your plan of laundry business be concise and easy for you to understand.

Advertising/ Marketing:  Here are some tips that will help you get and retain your customers –

  • Offer free services  (if you are just starting the business)
  • Use special promos – Thrill them with new offers or special promos and you have got customers for life.  Promos like “wash 5 clothes for the price of 3” will draw them.
  • Home delivery – Home pick up clients clothes and deliver after laundry
  • Have customer’s cloths ready on or before deadline
  • Don’t ever get customers clothes mixed up
  • Take note of your clients preferences and apply them
  • Don’t be caught arguing with your customer
  • Go beyond business services; get to know your customers as much as they will want to know you.
  • Go the extra mile but don’t accept what you can not do.
  • Fair pricing – let the rate of other laundry businesses within your area be your baseline.
  • Advertise your business – hand out your business card, brochures, flyers and by word of mouth! You can also advertise on the internet via social networks like the Facebook, twitter,Instagram  etc
  • And you can collect underwear  oh and charge 5 times the normal price…(lol)

Thanks for reading through, always comeback for more tip s before you damage a customers  cloths o……lol



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