The 11 Best Dryers to Get Laundry Done in a Hurry

No one likes doing laundry (and if they say they do, they’re lying). Replace that loud and clunky old dryer with one of these great high-efficiency units.

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Electrolux EFMG617STT 8 Cubic Feet Electric Dryer

electrolux allergen cycle dryer


Not only is this Electrolux a sharp-looking unit, it is also high-capacity — meaning big doesn’t have to look bulky. It boasts a special allergen cycle, along with powerful wrinkle-rid steam technology, and a 15-minute fast-dry cycle for when you really need to wear that pair of jeans but don’t have time to spare. Moisture sensors also prevent over-drying, keeping your clothes and linens from unnecessary ware and tear.

Bosch WTG86402UC 4-Cubic-Feet 800-Series High-Efficiency Dryer

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If you’re looking for a top-rated dryer with great performance and you’re not afraid of spending a few extra bucks, this Bosch unit is an excellent. Fifteen different cycle options mean you’ll always be able to run it for the exact type of load that needs drying. It even features a sanitize cycle that kills germs and bacteria using the power of high heat for non-washable items. Since this is only 4 cubic feet, it’s best used by individuals or couples and is less suited for families.

Maytag MGDX655DW 7-Cubic-Feet Bravos Dryer


This user-friendly and affordable Maytag features 11 cycles, five temperature settings, and IntelliDry technology that automatically stops the load once its sensors indicate that there’s no moisture left. That means major energy bill savings, and less jumping up to check on your load! It also boasts a light on the inside that illuminates when you open the dryer door, so you’ll never miss another black sock in the depths of the drum again. A respectable 7 cubic feet of capacity means this is a great choice for larger households.

Whirlpool WED8500DC 8.8-Cubic-Feet Cabrio High-Efficiency Dryer


Not only is totally sleek for a nice aesthetic touch, this massive 8.8-cubic-inch-capacity unit can dry a huge heap of clothes — like, more than four baskets of laundry in one go. It features 23 possible cycles, and boasts moisture sensors that will adjust the drying time of your loads so you don’t have to keep checking on them. It has an illuminating drum light to make unloading much easier, plus it also has a wrinkle-rid setting that uses steam for clothes that look perfectly pressed. Phew, this machine basically does everything but the dishes!

5Kenmore 60222 6.5-Cubic-Feet Electric Dryer

household electric and gas dryers


Getting back to a more basic option, Kenmore always delivers good bang for your buck. We recently highlighted one of their top-notch gas grills that proved yet again that they can do midrange just as well as they do budget-friendly and high-ticket. This dryer hits the same criteria by offering a reasonable 6.5-cubic-inch capacity, quiet operation, and a wrinkle-guard function for a very low price. If you’re in the market for a basic yet reliable option, this should be your go-to dryer.

6  LG DLEX8100V 9 Cubic Feet Dryer With TrueSteam

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This unit is one of LG’s best, boasting features like True-steam, a sensor-dry system, and something they call Steam Sanitary, a steam-cleaning cycle that sanitizes pieces of clothing marked as non-washable. It has 14 total drying cycles, plus at 9 cubic feet, it’s big enough to dry basically your entire wardrobe! Perhaps the best feature, though, is that it has a smart diagnosis system that will communicate errors with the service center to help diagnose and quickly resolve any issues with the machine.

Whirlpool WED4815EW 7-Cubic-Foot Dryer

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The first of our sub-$500 dryer finds, this Whirlpool has received over 1,200 five-star reviews from past Home Depot shoppers praising it for being quiet and durable at a very reasonable price. This dryer has an Autodry sensor that will stop the cycle when it’s fully dry, and in case you fall asleep and don’t wake up through the end-of-cycle buzzer, the dryer will tumble your clothes intermittently for 90 minutes afterwards to make sure wrinkles don’t settle in.

8  Samsung DV42H5200EP 7.5-Cubic-Feet High-Performance Electric Dryer

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Samsung delivers a sharp-looking dryer with loads of functionality without breaking the $1,000 price barrier (technically it’s $999.99, but it’s nearly always on sale). One of its more ingenious features is a Smart Care function that allows you to run diagnostic care of your dryer from your smartphone, and you can even check on the status of your dryer load with the app — pretty clever! It also automatically adjusts drying time using moisture sensors (one of our personal must-have features).

LG Electronics DLE1001W 7.3 Cubic Feet Electric Front Control Dryer

LG Electronics 27 in. W 7.3 cu. ft. Electric Front Control Dryer


Perhaps the biggest draw for this dryer is the front-control panel that allows you to set your dryer’s cycle without reaching over the large machine. For shorties and even young people learning how to do laundry, this feature is a straight up miracle. It has a moisture sensor built in to keep your load from over-drying, and it has nine total cycles to choose form. You’ll even be able to nap in peace while it’s running, since it’s relatively quiet.

10 LG Electronics DLEX3570W 7.4-Cubic-Feet Dryer With Steam

household electric and gas dryers


LG’s appliances strike a great balance between quality and affordability. This particular dryer’s wrinkle-removing TrueSteam function is great for knocking the creases out of your favorite clothing, but it also has 11 other cycles for deep or gentle drying power. Like some others on this list, this model includes a moisture sensor to adjust drying time, as well as a Lo Decibel Quiet Operation function that keeps it from getting too noisy.

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