Washing machine door won’t unlock on Samsung B1445A

I got this Question from one of our readers here and it is only right to bring the issue here and give a general should there be anyone else having similar issues.

Q. My washing machine cycle came to an end. After 3 minutes it is supposed to unlock, but it didn’t. It has drained all the water out, so that’s not a problem. I turned the power off on the wall, and it still wouldn’t unlock. How can I get my wet washing out?

A.this is a tricky washer. I suppose you did not get any error code to pinpoint it to the interlock mechanism or anything. You can try and open the door on the bottom right on the front of the machine. You will find a small black hose with a plastic plug in the end of it. It pulls out about 6in and you can use a pan. Sometimes a foreign object may prevent your drum from totally emptying, try something like a Shopvac to either suction it or to blow through it toward the drum to loosen things like missing socks 😉 etc…. I attached an image of the locking mechanism from the service manual for your own evaluation

Q. About a year ago (almost to the day!!!), I had a load of washing that I couldn’t get out of my washer because the door wouldn’t open. Upon investigation I found that the door interlock has burnt out. I’m not sure what the piece is called that connects to the interlock (connector block?), but it was badly burnt and slightly melted, although the 3 metal contacts were still intact. Some of the interlock was damaged too, so I bought a new interlock and fit it to the burnt connector and it has been fine since. But this evening during a wash, my machine started beeping to say there was a door error – that it wasn’t closed. When I pushed on the door, I heard a buzzing noise and the lock icon was shown on the display, but when I tried to rerun the wash, it said the same error. I’m not sure what to do? Do I buy a new interlock, or is the connector the problem – if so are these replaceable too, or does it mean I need a new machine?

A. I would suggest a new door interlock part number DC64-00653A. The connector may be a bit more tricky. Samsung does sell the wiring harness, the main one is `$30 and the sub one is ~$20 we just have to find which one is needed. If at all possible post an image of the connector with your original question. this way we may be able to help you a bit better. Follow this guide to post an image. I don’t think you have to buy a new washer. We can always teach you to repair the wiring with different connectors:-). Hope this helps good luck

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